According to the Handelsblatt in 2020, SGP Legal is one of the best lawyers in Germany.



According to the Handelsblatt in 2019, SGP Legal is one of the best lawyers in Germany.



SGP Legal has been awarded in the category "Cartel Law - Law Firm of the Year in Germany - 2019" by Global Law Experts (GLE), one of the world's leading online resources for finding specialized legal counsel.



According to the Handelsblatt in 2018, SGP Legal is one of the best lawyers in Germany.



„The antitrust practice has successfully specialized in claims for damages. The strategy of the team around Prof. Christian Langbein and Prof. Dr. Kai-Thorsten Zwecker has managed to expand this area even further: in the meantime, the law firm has been active in lawsuits for hundreds of injured companies. regularly gains new clients.“ 

JUVE Handbuch 2017/2018

SGP Legal is according to the annual azur ranking of the top 100 employers in 2017.



„In addition to its classic focus on sales cartel law, the anti-trust practice around the partners Prof. Christian Langbein und Prof. Dr. Kai-Thorsten Zwecker has established itself as a specialist in the field of antitrust compensation.“ 

JUVE Handbuch 2016/2017


„Who's Who of German commercial law firms…“ 

Financial Times Deutschland 06.01.2016


„SGP demonstrates particular skills in achieving synergy effects through interaction of core areas. “ 

Kanzleien in Deutschland 2014


„SGP stands for „top-notch advice“ 

Who's Who Legal 2013


„SGP ,making waves‘ in the international arena“

Who's Who Legal 2013


„…active cartel law practice, which has succeeded in positioning itself increasingly in administration fine proceedings, alongside its traditional strong focus on marketing cartel law .…“

JUVE Handbuch 2010/2011


„SGP Rechtsanwälte is a new and promising outfit in the franchise legal market.“

Who's Who legal


„Focusing its main concentration on a few specialised fields, SGP has successfully positioned itself on the market as a nationwide regional cartel and distribution law boutique.“

Kanzleien in Deutschland 2014


„The law firm SGP has achieved a permanent place in the market based on its traditional focus on marketing cartel law.“

JUVE Handbuch 2011/2012


„In the period under review the proceedings-experienced Ulm team supported Zwecker and Langbein and were considerably involved in protecting clients with respect to proceedings concerning infringements of cartel law.“

Kanzleien in Deutschland 2014


„SGP is considered to be one of the most eminent franchise-lawyers worldwide. “

Who's Who Legal 2013


„The renowned cartel law-boutique is known for its good sector know-how in cartel law and is also highly esteemed with regard to corporate law.“

Kanzleien in Deutschland 2010


„Target-oriented, fair and stringent negotiation“

JUVE-Handbuch 2013/2014


„The cartel law practice has appeared in proceedings widely covered by the media.“

Kanzleien in Deutschland 2014


„Best Lawyers“

Handelsblatt 01.06.2011


„SGP legal has been awarded the „Best Lawyers Award“ consecutively for the fourth time within the field of franchising.“

Handelsblatt 05.05.2013


„SGP Rechtsanwälte´s work on the German Cement Cartel follow-on litigation case has been shortlisted for our Litigation of the Year Award.“

Global Competition Review 2014


„A leading practice for advice on franchising systems which advises a long-established client base at each of its offices […] with an excellent reputation among competitors in Germany, esp. for advice to systems on cross-border expansion […].“

Juve Handbuch 2013


„Competent, pragmatic and well connected!“

JUVE Handbuch 2011/2012


„The Ulm lawyers are one of the leading cartel law specialists nationwide.“

Südwestpresse 24.05.2005